Key Drivers of Retention

Satori recently sat down with Sprocket Sports to talk about retention (Sprocket post here). Retention matters to nearly every youth sports club, but rarely has data been used to better understand what might be driving a family’s decision to stay or go. Satori is working with an increasing number of youth sports clubs and associations across the country to better understand key drivers so we can make wiser decisions about how to build and manage programs that maximize retention.


Satori Soccer was recently featured in a one hour podcast with John O’Sullivan on the Way of Champions Podcast. In the discussion (link to podcast), the importance of player experience is addressed alongside thoughts on how clubs can improve it. Some key findings presented include the effect of winning on parent satisfaction and the biggest dropout ages and why it might be occurring. The more we know about what influences a players love of the game and their team, the more we can do to strengthen it.

Click here to listen to Way of Champions podcast