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Measure and Improve Player Experience

When players are improving and having fun, both the player and the club benefit. To get the most from our service, we help clients by preparing their data, administering surveys, providing 1-on-1 training on the analysis tool, recommending action steps, and measuring progress over time.

Why Player Experience

Our research shows that the more satisfied players and families are with their experience, the more likely they are to stay. When retention is high, and improved word of mouth attracts new players, there is more cash to invest in strategic priorities.

How to Measure Player Experience

Satori conducts parent surveys with questions that are highly correlated with retention. This ensures that action taken to improve future survey results also improve club growth.

Step 1: Prepare Data

Good data is essential to a good survey. Compiling data can be a time-consuming task for clubs, so Satori pulls the data automatically (when possible) to ensure accuracy and save time.

Step 2: Administer Survey

For survey results to be truly representative, high response rates are required. Satori administers a confidential, carefully designed survey process that returns high response rates and industry benchmarked results with minimal time needed from the club.

Step 3: Analyze Results

Valuable analysis depends on the ability to distinguish insights from noise. Interactive reports that are easy to use, and integrate all relevant information in one place, help club staff find insights that lead to action.

Step 4: Take Action

Make improvements based on the opportunities found during analysis. Whether taking action at club level, in a specific team, or any level in between, improvements now consider what membership cares about most.

Step 5: Measure Progress

Measure the effect of club actions with the same process used to generate the initial insights. The more quickly a club learns what works in growing player experiences, and what doesn’t, the faster they will improve.


Our dream is to serve every youth club that wants to benefit from this process. Measure what matters so you can improve faster is a common best practice in the business world and we want to help clubs make it common in youth sports as well. To make this possible, we strive to deliver a service where the benefit clearly outweighs the cost.

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