At Satori, we know first-hand that great player experiences don’t happen by accident. As youth soccer coaches ourselves, we strive to use the bright ideas we find along our journey for the benefit of players in our home communities of Denver and Chicago.

Team Coaching

Since 2010, coach Adam Kuhn has worked with youth players of nearly every age and level. While he has recently enjoyed coaching some of the most passionate 9U-12U players in the Chicagoland area, he values the experiences of all players. Coach Adam strives to create environments where all players feel like they belong, make noticeable improvements in their performance, love the journey, and grow as a person along the way.

Small Group Training

Some aspects of football are best trained as a team. Other aspects, including technical skills and foundational habits, are sometimes best learned individually or in small groups. Satori periodically organizes small group sessions to help players accelerate their technical skills and game intelligence.

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Have you attended a Satori training that you found valuable? If so, we kindly encourage you to donate to the Satori mission. The more opportunities we have to serve our youth soccer community, the larger the impact we will have on player joy, participation, and performance.