GRO Club Analytics

Satori works with clubs to measure and improve player experience. We start by conducting a postseason parent survey and turn that data into a benchmarked, team-by-team level analysis that can also be summarized at the club, program, or age level. We will train you on the analysis tool and provide recommended actions based on what other clubs in the network have found helpful.

Sample quantitative summary of postseason parent survey (combined data from several clubs)

Clear View

The better we understand reality, the more likely we are to improve it. Use our interactive analytics platform to explore participation, retention, and player experience throughout the club. Review club-level results, a specific team, or any summarized level in between.

Parent Feedback

As a third party, we ensure parent feedback anonymity so they can feel confident sharing their experience. The more genuine the feedback, and the higher the response rate, the more the club can learn. Not only can clubs benefit from specific parent comments, but an overall analysis of comments can also be valuable.

Sample Coach Postseason Report using masked data

Coach Development

Coaches give players feedback all the time about how they’re doing and how they can improve. How often do coaches receive that type of feedback? Our analysis provides a benchmarked player experience summary for each team to highlight relative strengths and weaknesses to help the coach grow.

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