In a youth sports world that is increasingly using analytics to improve performance on the field, the importance of player experiences can sometimes get overlooked. To bring this essential component–arguably the most essential component–to the forefront, Satori uses enterprise-grade analytics techniques to measure and improve youth sports experiences. In focusing on things like retention, player enjoyment, and parent satisfaction, clubs & associations are more quickly improving their programming for the benefit of players.
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Club Analytics – GRO Program

The foundation for measuring and improving player experiences is combining player participation data and postseason parent feedback. This enables us to paint a clear picture of player experiences throughout the organization and learn from parent feedback. Our analysis and support also helps guide coaches toward growing in ways that will improve their ability to create great player experiences.

Advanced Club Analytics

Once a club has implemented the foundational elements of our GRO program, advanced analytics helps them further explore what’s possible. These components include but are not limited to using preseason feedback to give coaches more insight into the players they coach, weekly game recaps to keep program directors informed, midseason pulse survey to check on the experiences of each team, postseason coach feedback to understand & improve their experience, and exit surveys to better understand why players leave.

Association Analytics

The same data analytics process that benefits clubs can also benefit associations. In working with both domestic and international youth sports associations, improvements are being made that positively impact the experiences of players, coaches, clubs, and even referees. We’re all in this together, so let’s improve together.

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